Leading for Change is a insightful examination of how we can adapt systematically, as individuals and teams, to the staggering changes occurring in the post-modern organizational landscape we find ourselves. in.

As technology changes and globalization increases, our resources and systems are barely keeping pace. Organizations at every level, from the family to national governments, are struggling to operate under rules designed for a world that no longer exists.

J. Smith, organizational management innovator and entrepreneur, who guided the revolution of some of the world’s leading organizations,  reveals that the new world that is emerging demands new rules, new strategies, and new systems for any organization that wishes to survive. Just as early adapting organizations have undergone radical transformation in the last twenty years, moving from geo-centric organizational hierarchies to decentralized and distributed so must any organization. Smith shows how business institutions can adapt and avoid repeating mistakes of generations past.

Ultimately, Smith, a veteran in leading organizational change on a global scale, makes a moving case for a new, ethics-based, adaptable structure and provides concrete models for putting his ideas to work. “We can adapt to change – or, we can change the adaptations we pursue”, Smith writes. “This is how we will all win.”

Learn to apply these principles in:

  • Branding Strategy
  • Marketing and PR
  • Change Management
  • Technology Solutions
  • Project Management
  • Operations Strategy
  • Leadership Training

“Smith reveals strategies in this book that nobody is talking about. If you implement only 5% of these strategies, you will soar beyond your competition and virtually guarantee the longevity of your organization!”

Marshal Silver  – CEO, InduStrategy Group, Inc.

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