Contact Form 7 – Mail section

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Fields in the Mail tab panel

You can edit mail templates in the Mail tab panel.




Header fields (ToFrom and Subject)

These are basic and necessary message header fields; and you can embed mail-tags anywhere in these fields. Detailed information about the mail-tags you can find in the official Contact Form 7 documentation.
Keep in mind the domain in the From field needs to be same as the website.

Additional headers

You can insert additional message header fields here, such as Cc and Bcc.
There should be one field per line. You can embed mail-tags anywhere in these fields.

Message body

This is the message body; you can embed mail-tags anywhere in this field.

If you check Exclude lines with blank mail-tags from output box, lines including mail-tags that have empty values will be excluded from the message body of the actual mail output.

By default, plain text is used for the message body. To use HTML, check Use HTML content type box.

File attachments

If you attach uploaded files to this mail, put mail-tags for the uploaded files into this field. You can also attach files from the server (local file attachment).

Mail (2)

Mail (2) is an additional mail template. It is often used as an autoresponder, but you can use it for any purpose. Mail (2) is sent only when the primary Mail has been sent successfully.

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